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Drew Brees doesn't want the Saints to complete their upcoming playoff run without the record-setting quarterback, though his career could end any weekend. Brees was upset at the notion that speculation about the end of his playing days should overshadow the New Orleans Saints' success in their first playoff game in four years.

Payton went on to explain that the potentially imminent end to Brees's career was "the last thing on anyone's mind. However, the Saints players who spoke after practice on Wednesday sounded eager to fulfill Brees' desire to keep the focus on the team. We take things from game to game, try to implement our game plan to the best of our ability and we won week in, week out.

Throw a long Full Moon weekend into the mix and you would hardly stop clamouring for your luggage, camera and car keys. After almost half an hour of crawling through wet sawgrass with a flashlight, we finally get back to our car. The adrenaline has proven to be awake when travelling through the sleepy landscape and looking for a place to touch down for the night.

The thick cloud cover from earlier in the evening is broken when we leave the highway and meet a rural side road west of a ghost town. The clouds have come out with full force and have further yellowed the already dusty golden landscape. We move to a lonely gas station off the highway, where we miss a nearly bone dry tank. It seems that a large fire has burned through most pumps, but we are recording a few different compositions.

With a flash of red in her hand, Katie reluctantly stuffs us into what's left of the old building. She says that every time we crawl into this glorified hut of rotting wood, her stomach screams as if it were collapsing completely under a single gust of wind.

As we drive north from Sherbrooke, our surroundings become increasingly bleak and the fresh prairie wind whips through our jackets. It may seem like we traveled all the way to North Dakota to capture these decaying ruins of the ghost town, but after a few hours of shooting we decide that the cold has actually won the battle against our toes and poor shoe choice. As my toes thaw in the car, I am overwhelmed once again by the familiar warmth and vertiginous ease.

Even under the bright moon we could barely see the silhouetted ruins of Sherbrooke in the dark thicket. Sure, the muted metal sheen that sticks in the knee - tall weeds are actually a sight for sore eyes. It is hard to imagine that the city is forgotten today, but it is still one of the most beautiful places in North Dakota, if only for a short moment.

A man with a living description sealed our fate, and we saw it all through the eyes of one of Sherbrooke's most famous residents, a man in his 40s.

It would be hard to blame a father for wanting to be more involved in his children's lives, especially when they seem to be enjoying their father's football career. Brees, who turns 42 on January 15 and is the NFL's all-time leader, has not committed to another season, and his extraordinary 20-plus seasons as an NFL player could be coming to an end. He finished the 2018 season with a passer rating of 74.3, which fell only slightly short of last season's 74-3 mark, but he also has a sizable job in New Orleans ahead of him. Brees is under contract until 2019 after signing a two-year, $50 million contract.

The building will have an oversized parking lot and 24 semi-trailers can be parked on the north side of the building. When word spread that a new filling station would be located at Carpio, it is believed that semi-trailers coming to Canada or coming from Canada would use it instead of Minot. In addition, a filling station will replace the existing one in the city centre and a convenience store will fill the gap. Which most Cenex (c) stores now have.

The proposed pipeline, which will be built west of Stanley, has received the necessary permits next month and will pass through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois before making its way to North Dakota. About 23-29 miles of the pipeline would be in Mountrail County, and if it made it all the way through the state, it would head south to the town of Minot. Although the sale of the land has been approved by the City Council, the project is still subject to approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and must obtain all necessary permits and permits before construction begins.

The construction costs of the pipeline are estimated at $3.78 billion, and company officials expect to pay for the construction process until the pipeline is operational. Kelly said the estimated cost of the new replacement plant will be about $1.5 billion higher than originally estimated. He said construction will begin this summer, with a completion date in the mid-2020s.

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More About Sherbrooke